Triple Moon Hairslide


Goddess symbol jewellery is associated with feminine intuition and mystique; depicting the moon in three phases (waxing, full and waning) the triple moon is a powerful goddess icon, symbolising the three stages of womanhood, maiden, mother and crone.

The triple moon goddess also carries strong psychic energy. offering guidance and direction to your life, as well as the strength and courage to navigate your life.

This solid pewter hairslide features a rainbow moonstone cabochon and a walnut wooden pin, which holds the hair tightly to prevent the hairslide from slipping out.

This powerful hair accessory is presented in a St Justin branded velvet draw-string pouch. 

All St Justin pieces are made in Cornwall and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Materials: Pewter, rainbow moonstone, walnut

Product dimensions:
 36mm (h) x 80mm (w)

Brand: St Justin