Tenth Anniversary X Pendant


10th Anniversary X pendant – a Cornish tin pendant in the shape of the Roman numeral 10, on an adjustable black leather thong.

St Justin tin products represent an important part of Cornish history. They also contain Cornish tin that was recovered from the seabed after 150 years. The SS Liverpool sank off Anglesey in 1863 carrying a cargo of tin ingots which had been smelted at Chyandour, Penzance. These ingots were dated 1862 and stamped with the lamb and flag mark that was commonly used in those days as a symbol of purity. One hundred and thirty eight years later the first cargo of Cornish tin ingots was raised off the seabed from the wreck. The jewellers at St Justin clean the barnacles and other encrustations off these ingots and then melt them down to make the items in the Cornish Tin Collection. 

Supplied in a satin lined and recyclable gift box.

Materials: Tin, leather

Product dimensions: 
Cord: adjustable to 30 inches (76cm)
Pendant: 23mm (h) x 23mm (w) 

Brand: St Justin