Sand Dollar Earrings


The sand dollar is a group of sea urchins consisting of more than twenty families. With their generally round, flat shape, they're also known as sea cookies, snapper biscuits, pansy shells, and sand cakes depending on where you are in the world! 

They are associated with a tremendous amount of symbolism, no doubt due to their token-like appearance and their link to the sea!

When they were first found on beaches, the sand dollar was said to represent lost coins of mermaids or the people of Atlantis washed ashore.

Christian missionaries have likened sand dollar markings to symbols relating to the Easter and Christmas stories, creating Christian legends around these creatures. 

And, due to their biology and behaviour, these creatures are also seen as symbols of transformation, inner strength and connection with others. 

These handcrafted sterling silver earrings are part of the beautiful Silver Origins collection, which takes inspiration from the sea and nature, and are presented in a fabulous gift box.

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

Product dimensions: 16mm (h) x 16mm (w) 

Earring type:
 Pierced, hook

Brand: Silver Origins