Sacral Chakra Necklace


Inspiring pleasure, enjoyment, and creativity, this Svadhishthana Sacral chakra necklace features a lotus leaf-inspired charm adorned with orange carnelian, a gemstone revered for its positive energies. 

Svadhishthana is the sacral chakra located in the lower abdomen. Associated with the emotional body, it inspires passion, creativity, and vitality when it flows, but if it becomes blocked, we can feel fearful and detached from our emotions.

This delicate accessory is offered with an 18 inch curb chain and presented in a branded Charlotte's Web Jewellery pillow box.

Colours may vary, as this piece contains a natural stone. 

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Carnelian (5mm stone)

Product dimensions: 
Chain: 45cm / 18 inches (l)
Pendant:  17mm (diameter)

Brand: Charlotte's Web Jewellery