Pewter Thor Hammer Pendant


Thor’s Hammer – solid pewter Thor’s Hammer with Celtic knotwork detail on the handle and Vegvisir (runic compass) symbol of protection and guidance on the hammer head. Comes on a waxed cotton adjustable cord.

Thor was the Norse god of thunder who guarded Asgard, the celestial stronghold of the Aesir. Mjolnir, the hammer Thor wielded as his primary weapon was said to work like a boomerang and return to him when thrown. The hammer was also used in rituals of consecration and hallowing.

Supplied in a satin lined and recyclable gift box.

Materials: Pewter, Leather. 

Product dimensions: 
Leather thong: 76 cm / 30 inches (maximum length)
Pendant: 40mm (h) x 17mm (w)

Brand: St Justin