Palo Santo Large Incense Sticks


Beautifully packaged, these hand-rolled Peruvian incense sticks are an easy way to use Palo Santo to cleanse your aura and heal negative influences, to refresh your home or just enjoy its grounding warm, sweet and woody fragrance.

Translated as "Holy Wood", Palo Santo is native to the dry, tropical climates of Central and South America and related to Frankincense and Myrrh. In addition to the local custom of burning Palo Santo to cleanse and purify spaces, people, and objects, shamanic wisdom says that Palo Santo works to bring in a positive vibrational force. 

These packs of 4 incense sticks are available with a selection of additional fragrances to suit your space and mood.

Product dimension: Each stick is 20cm in length and 1cm wide.

Burn time is approximately 75 minutes.