Love Bind Rune Pendant


This pewter pendant features an engraved runic symbol to represent the love bind rune.

Used to preserve a loving relationship, this bind rune combines the powerful energies of Gebo and Wunjo to create a partnership giving success and pleasure.

The use of bind runes is ancient, probably arising almost simultaneously with the use of runes as an alphabet.

Essentially, a bind rune is a symbol composed of several runes overlaid, one on top of another, to form a single character

This runic pendant is offered with an adjustable black leather thong and is presented in a branded St Justin Jewellery gift box.

All St Justin pieces are made in Cornwall and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Also available in bronze

Materials: Pewter, leather

Product dimensions: 
Cord: adjustable to 30 inches
Pendant: 24mm (h) x 29mm (w) 

Brand: St Justin