Inspire Mantra Bracelet


Designed to not only look good, but to inspire, promote and elevate the wellness and ‘balance’ of the wearer, these beautifully understated elasticated Mantra bracelets are strung with silver plated beads and feature a cute silver plated charm and semi-precious snowflake obsidian bead. 

A reminder of hope and faith during dark times, snowflake obsidian is though to help bring harmony and truth to body, spirit and mind; helping you see negative patterns within your thoughts or behaviour, it is seen as particularly empowering for accepting change and bringing about transformation in your life. It is associated with the Root Chakra. 

Lovingly handmade in Wales, this silver-plated bracelet presented with a Carrie Elspeth gift card and a branded Chakra Gift Bag.

Product dimensions:
Elasticated Sentiment bracelets are 18cm in length but can accommodate both larger and smaller wrists.

Brand: Carrie Elspeth Jewellery

Care Information:
I have been carefully handmade using quality materials but there are a few things you can do which will help to always look my best:

  • Please handle my wire carefully to avoid kinks.
  • Always take me off before showering, swimming or exercising.
  • I can be allergic to some lotions and perfumes so always allow them to dry first before putting me on.