Cho Ku Ray Reiki Pendant Necklace


Created in sterling silver, this powerful symbol is used in Reiki healing, to focus and amplify universal energy. Translated as "Place the Power of the Universe Here" or "fill with Holy Spirit", it is thought to unblock stagnant energy and transform negative energy to positive energy. It is often drawn before beginning a healing, but can be drawn to bring a blessing to any place, person or object, or for a meditative practice.

Wearing this potent symbol signals your desire to connect to the universal energy; bringing wholeness and healing, your path is made easier and more peaceful.

We currently offer this lovely pendant with a choice of central moonstone or amethyst stone,

Moonstone is often associated with new beginnings as it is thought to support healing, empowerment and rediscovering your inner self and strength.

Amethyst is used to calm the spirit and mind, enhance intuition and protect you from negativity, making it a good choice to help you overcome life's challenges.

Offered with an 18 inch light curb chain, this pendant is presented in our unbranded black velvet gift box.

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Moonstone/Amethyst (dependent of selected piece)

Product dimensions: 
Chain: 45cm/18inch
Pendant: 44mm (total height)

Brand: Peter Stone Jewellery