Bronze Love Bind Rune Pendant


High polished bronze love bind rune pendant with runic symbol on adjustable leather thong.

The use of bind runes is ancient, probably arising almost simultaneously with the use of runes as an alphabet. Essentially, a bind rune is a symbol composed of several runes overlaid, one on top of another, to form a single character.

The love bind rune combines the powerful energies of Gebo and Wunjo to create a partnership giving success and pleasure. Crafted from bronze, this romantic token is especially suitable for celebrating an eight-year anniversary!

This runic pendant is presented in a branded St Justin Bronze gift box.

Also available in pewter

Materials: Bronze, Leather. 

Product dimensions: 
Leather thong: 76 cm / 30 inches (maximum length)
Pendant: 22mm (h) x 27mm (w)

Brand: St Justin