When I was 15 I started writing a fantasy novel - the first of a trilogy. Years later, I have matured as a writer but the first draft remains unfinished.

But this is a jewellery store? I hear you say. Why is this relevant?

Becoming a writer was my dream, but adult responsibilities and the expectations of university and a "real job" meant that, at some point, I let the possibility go.

And then I met Blueberry, a little gift shop in Minehead, that I am have been lucky enough to own with my husband, Martin, since 2015.

Being part of people's stories for over six years has been an honour and an inspiration. And my love of jewellery has only grown. 

Jewellery has always held a special place in my life. The first Christmas present I bought was a pair of fairy earrings for my mum. It was a gift that she would cherish - and wear - throughout her life (and far more tasteful than some of the others she wore!)

For her, no festive event was complete without novelty earrings - if they played music or had bright flashy lights, so much the better!

By following one passion - I have rediscovered the other. 

And Magical Thinking Jewellery was born of a love of the rich symbolism that can be found throughout the world, and throughout history.  As well as helping you look great, jewellery has a unique ability to boost your confidence, and act as an anchor, a reminder of your goals, or a talisman to give you courage when you're unsure of the way. 

I am just like you, following my dreams, and sometimes full of doubt.

I live with depression and anxiety, but I want to inspire you to believe that any dream is possible.

I believe that the right piece of jewellery can change your life. 

And it can change the lives of others, too, . 
I have committed to donating the equivalent of 2% of all sales (not profits) to HomeStart West Somerset (making a minimum payment of £10 a month) through Work for Good, an organisation that helps businesses donate to good causes. Home Start operates nationwide, with regional charities offering support to families with children under the age of 7. You can find out more here

For more information on Work for Good, please click here

n 2020, Magical Thinking Jewellery (then Angela Neal Jewellery) was one of the top 5% of frequent contributors. 

I am thrilled to be sharing this venture and hope that you will enjoy the collections I create - and feel empowered to follow your bliss, too! 


Angela x